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Amazing Health Benefits of Kefir

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Kefir milk is one of the popular drinks that offer a lot of health benefits to the body. It is a fermented type of dairy product made by combining bacteria and yeast cultures to milk. It offers almost the same probiotic benefits just like yoghurt but in a more drinkable form. While kefir is popular among many cultures across the globe, there are still some people who aren’t aware of its health benefits. Here are some of the best ones that are supported by science and research. 

Nutrient-rich Drink

Kefir is made from fermented cow or goat’s milk. Thus, it contains all the nutrients and goodness similar to your regular milk drink but with the added benefits of probiotics. A serving of kefir contains essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, B vitamins, vitamin D, and many more. The nutritional contents can also vary depending on the type of milk used when making the kefir. 

Rich in Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that are beneficial to the body when ingested. It benefits the body in a lot of ways such as aiding in digestion, promoting mental health, and many more. Aside from bacteria, kefir also contain yeasts making it a more potent source of probiotics. Whether you drink it as it is or eat it as kefir yoghurt, your body could benefit from the high probiotic content of kefir. 

Promotes Bone Health

Bone deterioration is a common problem among the elderly especially those who haven’t invested a lot in their calcium stores early on. Adequate calcium intake is one of the best solutions to slow down bone deterioration and even promote bone health. 

Aside from milk and calcium supplements, kefir milk is also an excellent source of calcium which is essential in maintaining healthy bones. It is also rich in vitamin K2 which plays an essential role in calcium metabolism. You can be sure that all of that calcium in your intake metabolized and absorbed by your bones when you drink kefir regularly. 

Helps Maintain a Healthy Gut

Since kefir is rich in probiotics, it helps promote and maintain a healthy gut. If you’re having digestive issues such as diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome, taking kefir regularly can help restore the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut. This helps speed up the healing and recovery from any digestive issue that you have. Aside from that, it also keeps your gut functioning at its optimum condition if you’re in good health. 

Good for Lactose Intolerance

Some people can’t digest lactose in dairy products properly. This is called lactose intolerance and a lot of adults have this problem. Great thing about kefir is that it is low in lactose which means it can well tolerated by lactose intolerant people compared to regular milk and other dairy products. They could still get the benefits of dairy products without the negative effects of lactose. 

If you’re looking for a healthy dairy drink that is similar to yoghurt, kefir is one of the best one you should try out.

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